Royal Electronics Inc.

   June 18, 2024


Canafri Royal Electronics Inc is a growing business, which started operations as Canafri Cash Express back in 2005. It was initially considered as a small business empire and gradually expanding. Currently, we are located at 2450 Finch Avenue West, Unit#5A, North York Ontario in Canada. We are a financial institution dealing in money services business (MSB) by way of sending and receiving funds around the globe. We also provide Western Union Services, where funds are sent and received (where permissible) throughout the world. Within the Ghanaian Communities, we specialize in sending money to our loved ones. Africans, by custom and culture, have strong extended family networks in which successful members are expected to help their less fortunate relatives. Therefore, Africans living abroad are motivated to, and frequently send money to their relatives and friends and for other business purposes. Whether you are sending money for families, support, education, hospital fee, a building project or just want to send as a gift for friends and loved ones, you can trust us to provide the quickest, reliable and hassle-free service. We offer a large range of payment centers in Ghana with about five locations in Accra and about two in Kumasi. We also provide bank-deposit services (fees applied) where funds will be deposited into accounts of beneficiaries. Funds are available for pick-up on next day basis. With the reputation built over previous years, you can trust us with all your money transfer needs.


We are into both New and Used electronics. We sell Computers, Laptops, Fridges, Air Conditioners, Televisions, Microwaves, and many more. We deal directly with wholesalers, so our pricess are very competitive. We also do repairs to some, but not limited to most of the eletronics.


We also have a wide range of phones to sell at cheaper prices. We provide airtime for making both local and international calls. Please call us today at 416-743-0930 to know the best plans and packages available just for you. More
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